How does your process work?

The first thing we do is learn what make and model interests you, and then we track down the best deal for that car or your budget. Due to our relationships with manufacturers, we receive preferred pricing on all vehicles, which eliminates the need for negotiations.

Once you make a decision on the options we present to you, we will then deliver your new lease to your home or place of work. You can sign the paperwork right there on the spot, and we immediately hand over the keys to your new vehicle. To make the process even better, we will drive off in your old lease and return it on your behalf.

What is your fee?

You do not pay us a fee for our services. We are compensated directly by the dealership where we secure your vehicle. 

If I get a vehicle from you, how do I get my license plates and registration?

Your new lease will come with temporary license plates and registration. Once we receive the permanent plates and registration, we will mail it directly to you at no additional charge.

Do you deliver cars?

Yes, we will deliver your new lease to home or place of work, anywhere in New Jersey or the surrounding areas outside of the state.

What is the cost for me to have you return my old lease on my behalf?

No charge. We provide this as a free service for our clients.

I have heard the phrase “Zero Dollars Down” used by dealerships. What does that mean?

“Zero Dollars Down” rarely means zero dollars down. Salespeople often neglect to tell you that you still have to pay taxes, fees, your first month’s payment and other charges. And not so coincidentally, you usually find out after you are already signing paperwork.

At Garden State Auto Leasing, we are paid directly by the dealership, not you. Our only goal is to get you the best possible price. When we tell you what is owed at signing, that is what you pay. No hidden fees. No questions asked.

Can I test drive a vehicle through your office?

Since we are a broker, we do not maintain an inventory of vehicles for you to test drive. However, you do have the option test drive a vehicle at the dealership before working with us to secure the deal.

Do you offer contactless delivery?

We do offer contactless delivery. After finalizing a deal on your new lease, we pick it up from the dealership and thoroughly clean and disinfect the car via our partner, Garden State Car Wash. If you wish, you can pick up your new lease at our office, or we can deliver the car to your home or place of work. We can leave the paperwork inside the car for you to sign, and you can then give us back the paperwork without ever having to contact our team member directly.

The disinfectant we use is certified by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It has no bleach or alcohol in its formula, and it does not induce any damage on cars.

Do I have to come to your office?

When you work with Garden State Auto Leasing, you never have to leave the comfort of your own home because we can handle everything over the phone. We take care of all the heavy lifting and bring the car directly to you.

How quickly can I get the car?

Sometimes, we are able to get the car for you on the same day. However, it will likely take a few days right now due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Why should I choose Garden State Auto Leasing?

Because our process is different from anything you have experienced while leasing a new car. At Garden State Auto Leasing, our goal is to simplify the auto leasing process while saving you time, money and frustration. You will never have to step foot in a dealership or haggle with a salesperson again.


Has COVID-19 created inventory issues in the auto industry?

COVID-19 has devastated the auto industry and quite literally turned it upside down. Due to a variety of economic reasons such as a reduced workforce and chip shortages, there is a nationwide lack of inventory. Long story short, it can be very difficult to secure many types of vehicles right now. For these reasons, we recommend you reach out to us as early as possible when you know you are going to be in the market for a new lease. 

Since the auto industry is experiencing inventory issues, can I get out of a lease early right now?

Due to a lack of inventory in the market, manufacturers are buying back leases before the end of their contracts. More than likely, we can get you out of your current lease and possibly put some money back in your pocket as well.

Is it safe for me to lease a new car right now?

The health and safety of you and your family is our top priority at Garden State Auto Leasing. Our team is composed of a group of professionals that has been offering contactless delivery since the day we first opened our doors. The process is not new to us, and we will make the entire experience as simplistic as possible for you. 

Additionally, our partnership with the Garden State Car Wash in Howell Township ensures that the most comprehensive methods of cleanliness and disinfection take place on each of the vehicles that are leased though our office.

Are there any unique opportunities that exist right now due to the impact of the pandemic?

From chip shortages to workforce limitations, the automotive market is experiencing some very unique circumstances right now. However, this environment has also created some great opportunities that you may want to consider.

One example of that is the process of building a car. Right now, most manufacturers will allow you to build your dream car to your exact specifications. The pricing does not change, and the car is usually completed in less than two months. If this is something that interests you, our team at Garden State Auto Leasing can walk you through the entire process of building a car.

I have additional questions about leasing in today’s environment. Can I speak to you before deciding if I want to lease a new car?

Absolutely. Right now, more than ever, it is important to understand how the current market affects your options when it comes to finding and leasing a new car. Give us a call anytime at (732) 637-8333 to have a discussion.

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